Our Mission and Philosophy

Our mission is to help our clients achieve a higher quality relationship with their pets through training and proper feeding. At The Green Dog, we’ll teach you how to get your dog on a balanced program that fits into your lifestyle.

It’s important to help you teach your dog how to live in a human household and more importantly, how to conform to your lifestyle. Whether you live in a city environment, like DC or NY, or on a farm in North Carolina, your dog can be trained to adapt to your needs and the challenges you face.

Learning to communicate with your dog is the first step in building a positive relationship and getting the kind of dog you long for. With the right program, you can have a happy, healthy dog. You’ll come away with an understanding very different from when you first started. And as you train, the bond with your dog will grow stronger than ever!

At The Green Dog, we find that a combination of modern methods can get the best results in a shorter amount of time than any one training methodology. With that in mind, we use a variety of methods and have access to a network of trainers with varying specialties and skills.  

“During the very first lesson with Lisa, my 1 year old dog was heeling! Hiring Lisa as our trainer was the best money that I have ever spent and she is worth her weight in gold.”