Obedience Training

Customized Training for Your Lifestyle and Dog.

Let’s Set Up A Custom Training Program Tailord To Your Dog’s Needs.

Whether it’s greeting people calmly at the door or learning how to socialize at the dog park, we can teach you the tools to train your dog. This is where we work with you on how to teach your dog basic manners. When finished with our lessons your dog will know – sit-stay, down-stay, heeling, loose leash walking, go-to place command, and recall. Your dog must be at least 6 months old for this training

The cost of our in-home lesson package is $895.  It consists of 5 one-hour lessons.  You’ll also get a free refresher lesson to use anytime, whether it’s a month after your training or a year! If you are looking to do remote collar training with this program, there is an additional cost for the e-collar. We prefer to use E-collar Technologies

If you are looking to just work on one or two things like heel or recall, you may not need a 5 pack of lessons. Most times we can get you results in 2 -3 lessons. The cost for individual lessons is $190 per lesson.

“Lisa at The Green Dog worked with me to figure out the best training method for my dog (who adores Lisa!).”

Alexandra M.

Tailored training for you and your pup!